PPC Management Services

If you want to send a ton of qualified traffic to your website quickly, our pay per click (PPC) Management Services are the way to go. As a PPC Management Company in Tampa, FL, Kairos Internet Marketing is widely considered a leading resource for PPC account setup, optimization, management, and training.

How PPC Advertising Works

When someone searches the internet for your products or services, your ad will appear above or to the right of the search engine‚Äôs natural results. When they click on your ad, your customer will be directed to your website. Your ads will only run when they match a users search, and as the name suggests, you will only “pay” when someone “clicks” on your ad. As a result, PPC ads typically provide more value than other forms of advertising.

Why Use Our PPC Management Service

Google and Bing have made it incredibly easy to open a PPC advertising account and run ads. Unfortunately, it’s even easier to lose all of your money if you don’t know what you are doing. You see, PPC operates like an auction where advertisers like you are constantly bidding against each other for position on the search results pages, and through the quality score metric, well optimized accounts are rewarded with lower pricing. In this hyper-competitive environment, inexperienced account managers are at a huge disadvantage.

Kairos Internet Marketing is a premier PPC management company. You can rest assured that we will utilize the industry’s best practices for keyword selection, ad copy writing, and campaign optimization for the maximum return on your PPC investment.